Properties Of Borosilicate Glass

Properties Of Borosilicate Glass

The advantage of using glass process plant and pipeline components as a basis for the construction of complete process systems have long been recognized throughout the world’s chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink and allied industries. 

All the glass components detailed in this catalogue are manufactured exclusively from borosilicate glass type 3.3. Its principal features are its almost universal resistance to corrosion and its low coefficient of thermal expansion which allows great thermal strength and resistance to thermal shock.

Borosilicate glass plant and pipeline is used in both internal pressure and vacuum applications.

All the glass components in this catalogue comply with ate above specifications. In addition, components with butteress ends DN 25 to DN 450 comply with the dimensional and wall thickness requirements of ISO 3585.

For information on the testing, handling and use of glass plant, pipeline and fitting, please refer to ISO 3586.