PTFE Labware


GARG Laboratory Ware And Accessories Are Designed For Use Under The Most Severe Laboratory Conditions. Superior Performance Results From The Out Standing Properties Of PTFE, FEP And PFA Fluoropolymer Resins And The Techniques Used In Their Fabrication GARG Has Perfected The Means Of Fashioning Laboratory Ware From Fluoropolymer Resins Which Have An Unmatched Combination Of Chemical Inertness, Heat Resistance, Low Temperature Toughness And Non Adhesive Qualities. The Resulting GARG Products Are Exceptionally Safe And Reliable For The Most Critical Laboratory Experiments.

HEAT & COLD RESISTANTY PTFE AND PFA Can With Stand Continues Heat As High As 500 F (260° C) While FEP Can With Stand Continues  Heat Of 480 F (205°C) PTFE< FEP And PFA Can With Stand Intermittent Heat To 600 F (315°C) 550 F  (288°C) And 500 F (260°C) Respectively. Experience Has Shown That Exposure To These High Temperature Does Not Affect The Utility Of GARG Laboratory Ware Products.

Fluoropolymers Also Have Out Standing Low Temperature Toughness And Flexibility. It Restains Its Useful Properties Down Through The Cryogenic Range.

In Addition To The Properties Inherent In Fluoropolymer Resins, GARG Laboratory Ware Brings You These Special Advantages:-

Extra Smooth Surface

Resulting From The Finest Moulding Equipment & Techniques

Assure Easy Through Cleaning

Easy To Handle

Products Are Light In Weight

Familiar In Shape

Styled For Easy Handling.

Non - Stick 
Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to a "Garg PTFE" coating. And while tacky materials may show some adhesion, allmost all substances release easily.
Non - Wetting
Since "Garg PTFE" surfaces are both oleo phobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wet. Clean-up is easier, more through and in many cases self-cleaning.
Heat Resistance
There is no decomposition of "Garg PTFE" finishes below 400o F; insignificant decomposition between 400 and 500 F which requires no special precautions. From 500 to 575 F, intermittent service is possible with adequate ventilation.
Low Coefficient of Friction
The coefficient of friction of "Garg PTFE" is generally in the range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending upon the load, sliding speed and particular "Garg PTFE" finish used.
Cryogenic Stability
Many "Garg PTFE" will withstand severe temperatures extremes without loss of physical properties. "Garg PTFE" may be considered for use at temperatures as low as -450o F.
Unique Electrical Properties
Over a wide range of frequencies, "Garg PTFE" has high dielectric strength, a low dissipation factor, and very high surface resistivity. By special techniques, it can be made conductive enough to be used as an anti-static coating.
Chemical Resistance
"Garg PTFE" is normally unaffected by chemical environments. However, certain coatings are permeable or have a lower resistance to attack. The only chemicals known to affect all "Garg PTFE" finishes are the alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents. 

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