Like their pipeline counterparts, Borosilicate glass column components find universal application throughout the world’s chemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink and allied industries where the advantage of using glass as a basis for the construction of complete process systems have long been recognized:

  • With almost universal resistance to corrosion, a long service life is guaranteed and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

  • Their transparency permits visual monitoring of the process at all times.

  • Being inert, the risk of contamination is negligible.

  • Smooth surfaces allow easy cleaning and sterilization and prevent the build-up of solid on the inner walls.

In many unit operations such as reaction, extraction and absorption, the transparency factor of glass column components is a particular advantage. As an example, colour changes in reaction processes are easily monitored, droplet separation in extraction processes can be observed unhindered and constant visual monitoring of hydraulic performance in packed columns is possible.

Column components are available from DN 80 to DN 450 with a smaller range of precision bore components available from DN 25 to DN 150 for specific applications where close internal tolerances are essential.

The complete range of column components is described on the following pages. All column components have standard flat buttress end connections. Further details of theses are provided in section: Technical Information.

For standard flat buttress end connections from DN25 to DN300, it is possible to achieve a 3° deflection in the joint by using a flexible gasket. Details of these and all other couplings and gasket can be found in section Couplings. 

DN refers to the nominal bore. Unless otherwise stated all dimensions are given in mm.

For permissible operating conditions, unless otherwise stated in the individual description, please see section Technical Information.

Applications of internals

Applications of internalsColumns used for reaction, absorption and extraction processes can be fitte.....

Column Sections

DN(mm)L(mm)Volume(L)VolumeStackedRings (L)FreeAreaMinimumPackingDiameter(mm)Maximumweight ofpacking(.....

Packing Supports

DN(mm)L(mm)FreeAreaMaximumLoad(kg) (lb)MinimumPackingDiameter(mm)TypeCat Ref801550%20457AGLB31002060.....

Perforated Plates

DN(mm)L(mm)FreeAreaTypeMaterialCat Ref801122%AglassGCP31001630%BglassGCP41501630%BglassGCP62251637%B.....

Support Ring, TFE-Covered


Packing Support Plate, Ceramic

DN(Column)(mm)D(Plate)(mm)L(mm)MinimumPackingSize(mm)Cat Ref22521611410GPSP930029211413GPSP124504381.....

Distributor Plate, Ceramic

DN(Column)(mm)D(mm)D1(mm)L(mm)Flow RateRange(L/hr.)Cat Ref15012714076170-450GLD6M22520321589510-1130.....

Raschig Rings

Size(mm)kg/literPackingFactor(F)m2/m3Cat Ref8 x 80.68700500GFC810 x 100.58530450GFC1015 x 150.443003.....

Precision Bore Pipe Sections

DN(mm)D1(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)Cat Ref2525.41000900GPPS1/10004038.01000890GPPS1.5/10005047.31000880GPPS2/100.....

PTFE Redistributors

DN(mm)d(mm)TypeCat Ref8055A + B + CGTLCF310080A + B + CGTLCF4150100A + B + CGTLCF6225175A + B + CGTL.....

Liquid Seal

DN(mm)DN1(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)Cat Ref2525160205GLS14025315305GLS1.5This device prevents vapors from passin.....

Column Adaptors

DN(mm)DN1(mm)DN2(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)L2(mm)Cat Ref    8025251789590GCA 3/1/180402.....

Resistance Thermometers

DN(mm)d(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)Cat Ref2512250100GWT 1/1002512290140GWT 1/1402512430280GWT 1/2804012295140GWT .....

Thermo well, Single-End

DN(mm)D1(mm)D2(mm)L(mm)Cat. Ref.40161070GTWS1/140191370GTWS1/240251670GTWS1/350161070GTWS2/150191370.....

Reflux Separators - Manually Operated

DN(mm)DN1(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)L2(MM)Cat Ref802519011582GRDA31002525514595GRDA415025255145100GRDA6225253801.....


For use with RHM reflux separators, the RPA electromagnet can be used in hazardous areas and is cert.....

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