Glass Jacketed Vessels

Glass Jacketed Vessels


Jacketed vessels manufactured by GARG Scientific Glass Industries are based on the flat flange system. This standardized flange system provided customers with a comprehensive range of accessories and replacement parts. The O-ring groove in the vessel's flange facilitates simple safe mounting of the vessel with the associated lid.

The Jacketed vessels are available as standard in three versions. Vessels without Jacketed outlet and vessels with Jacketed outlet. The outlet can be either a spherical ground joint our a valve.

In the range of temperable Jacketed vessels various joints for coolants are possible In addition to the classic glass olive joints, threaded glass joints with removable plastic olive joints DN1S and DN25 are available.

All Jacketed vessels including the standard types are manufacturers to customers orders. Therefore, modifications to joints or flanges are usually offered at no extra cost. 

In case where Jacketed vessels have been designated with a particular over pressure, the difference in temperature in the glass wall may not exceed 20o C.

All Jacketed vessels are subjected to individual pressure tests at the works following production. The Jacketed vessels are subjected to 1,5 of nominal pressure at room temperature.

Versions other than those the  versions described here are always available. On request we can supply you with a professional overview of our products per CAD drawings.  


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