PTFE Lined Products

PTFE Lined Products

An Economic, long, lasting and quality product for the chemical process industry. Manufacturers to international specifications (ASTM/DIN/BS/ANSI/JIS), using paste extrutiontechnology, with total quality assurance from the raw materials to the finished products stages. A full range of services offered, form design to after sales services, from an expert team of engineers and technicians.


-Pipes upto 300mm Nominal bore. 
-Fittings upto 300mm Nominal bore. 
-Jacketed Pipes upto 100mm Nominal bore. 
-Bellows upto 200mm Nominal bore. 
-Ball Valves upto 100mm Nominal bore. 
-Check Valves upto 50mm Nominal bore. 
-Strainers upto 50mm Nominal bore. 
-Sight Glass -Dip Tubes 
-Thermocouple Wells -Stirrers 
-Hose Assemblies 
-Heat Exchangers



Upto 20 bar/300 psig or higher upon request


Heavy Duty Liner. User requested to consult us before using the product for vaccum service.


From-50 to 232 degrees C


Sand Blasted and Epoxy Primer Coated


1. PIPE: ASTM A 106 Gr. B; ANSI B36. 10-Schedule 40. Other schedules available on request.

2.FLANGE:ASTM A105; A181; ANSI B 16. ASA 1510 SORF TYPE. Other types of flanges available on request.

3. FITTINGS:ASTM A234 GRWPB; A 106 GR. ANSI B 169; B 16.5

4. LINING:As per ASTM F 423, depending on service conditions - Standard/Heavy Duty Liners available.

5. Minimum Flare diameter ill be as per ASTM F423 specifications.


-More economical and cheaper than glass lined and special alloy steels.
-Excellent resistance to chemicals from -50to+232 degree C.
- Maintenance free and easily installable.
-Long service life.
-Can be tailor made to suit customer requirements.


-Where highly corrosive materials are used in any area of Chemical process industry.
-Provides improved operational safety for personnel, processes and plants when handling extremely hazardous materials.
-Where product purity is critical viz:- Foods, Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals.
-Where pipe replacement frequently is difficult or impossible.
-Where environmental pollution is to be avoided.


non stick
Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to "GARG PTFE" linings. And while tacky materials may show some adhesion, almost all substances release easily.

Since "GARG PTFE" surfaces are both oleo phobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wet. Clean-up is easier, more thorough and in many cases self-cleaning.

There is no decomposition of  "GARG PTFE" finishes below 400 degree F; insignificant decomposition between 400 degree F and 500 degree F, which requires no special precautions. Between 500 and 575 degree F, intermittent service is possible with adequate ventilation.

low coefficient of friction
The coefficient of friction of "GARG PTFE" is generally in the range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on the load, sliding speed and particular "GARG PTFE" finish used.

cryogenic stability

Many "GARG PTFE" will withstand severe temperatures extremes without loss of physical properties. "GARG PTFE" may be considered for use at temperatures as low as -450 degree F.

unique electrical properties

Over a wide range of frequencies, "GARG PTFE" has high dielectric strength, a low dissipation factor, and a very high surface resistivity. By special techniques, it can even be made conductive enough to be used as an anti-static coating.

chemical resistance
"GARG PTFE" is normally unaffected by chemical environments However, certain coatins are permeable or have a lower reistance to attack. The only chemicals known to affect all "GARG PTFE" finishes are the alkali metals and highly reactive flourinating agents.

Lined Pipe


1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Fixed/loose/Split flanges on one/both sides can be supplied on request.
3.Other specifications/dimensions/vaccum services available on request.
4. Lengths: upto 100 mm NB-3 metre lengths upto 150 mm NB-2 metre lengths. Longer lengths available on request. Tolerance upto 1 metre length will be +0.0 mm/-3.5 mm and beyond 1 metrewill be +0.0 mm/ -5.0 mm.
5. P=G-2; J=0.8G



1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2 Tolerances as follows:-
F=+/- 0.0/5.0 mm
3. Intermediate combinations available on request
4. Split Flanges can be supplied on request


1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Flange connections according to ANSI B 16.5
3. The figures for compensation X shown above do not apply to lateral or angular installation at the same time.

LinedDip Tubes

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Tolerances as follows:-
h=+0.0/7.0mm F=0.0/-4.0 mm
3. Product Features: Continuous lining-No welded joints-Straight or curved shape-25mm to 100 mm ominal Bore-Lenghts (h) upto 3000 mm; longer lengths on request.
4. Special ends available for spargers and thermocouple wells also

Lined Elbows and Blind Flanges

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. 90Degree Elbows above 150NB can also be supplied in two piece construction.
3. 90Degree Elbows with varying "R" and "F" can be supplied on request.
4. F2 can be varied depending on requirements.
5. For Elbows Split Flanges can be supplied on request.
6. Lined Blind Flanges can be supplied in either RF/FF Type
7. Tolerances as follows:-
F=+/- 0.0/-0.5 mm
F1=+/- 0.0/-3.0 mm
F2=+/- 0.0/-1.0 mm

Lined Instrument Tee and Sight Glass

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Tolerances as follows:-
F1=+/- 0.0/-2.0 mm
F2=+/- 3.0 mm
F3=+/- 0.0/-4.0 mm
3. Split Flanges can be supplied on request.
4. Toughened borosilicate glass will be used for sight glass

PTFE Bellows for Lined Pipes


Bellows are made of pure virgin PTFE (Polytetraflouroethylene). Paste extruted and contour molded material.

This manufacturing method guarantees an excellent structure of the material; symptoms of ageing are practically excluded.

Very long-term durability and low maintenance costs are assured.

Bellows server the compensation of:-


-thermal strain and expansion

-axial, angular and radial motion,

and because of the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE, are mostly used in chemical plants and pipes for aggressive media.

Bellows are manufactured in different types sized from NB 25mm to NB300mm. The allowable Bellows are manufactured in different types sized

from NB 25mm to NB300mm. The allowable operating pressure are depending on design. The bellows can be used upto 210 degree C. At extreme temperatures, the maximum pressure allowable is restricted.

Bellows are available with three convolutions for pressure.

Bellows are installed in PTFE Lined Carbon Steel piping and equipment without additional gaskets. For use with piping and equipment made of glass, enamel and ceramics We recommend PTFE gaskets, offered as accessory. The sealing surfaces are covered with end plates and individually boxed for protection against mechanical damages. Limit bolts are present to prevent over extension during operation.

Lined Reducing Flanges

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Tolerances as follows:-
F1=+/- 0.0/-1.0 mm
3. Intermediate combinations are available on request. 
Type A+
Type B* on Centre Holes
** Off Centre Holes

Lined Tee and Cross

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Split Flanges can be supplied on request.
3.Tolerances as follows:-
F=+/- 0.0/-1.0 mm

1. All dimensions are in millimeters
2. Tolerances as follows:-
F=+/- 0.0/-1.0 mm