Pressure Relief Valve


Pressure Relief Valve

Two types of pressure relief valve can be supplied: weight operated or springs operated. Both are constructed of glass and PTFE, without glands. Sealing of moving parts is effected by a PTFE bellows.

The valves are designed to meet the requirements of the German Technical Control Association (TUV) and can be supplied complete with TUV certificate, if required.

The maximum recommended operating temperature is 150° C and a range of pressures, as indicated below can be accommodated. Please not that a change in the setting of the blow-off pressure invalidates the original TUV certification. Both types of pressure relief valves should be installed with the spindle vertical and adequate support should be given.

Since these are special order items, when ordering please specify the following:

  • Catalog reference

  • Pressure range

  • Blow-off pressure