Immersion Heaters, Information


Immersion heat exchanges are used to control exothermic reactions in glass vessels. In most applications cooling water is used in the coils, but they can also be used with steam. In the latter case, the coils must always be completely immersed in the liquid

The HEM 6 is used in our type R spherical vessels and the HEM 9 in type E vessels. They can also be used in cylindrical vessels with special 6" or 9" bottom outlets.

The HEM 9 has a central hole through the coil to which the extended type stirrer shaft can be fitted to provide thorough mixing action.

Heat Transfer

These values may be used to approximate the overall heat transfer coefficients and the maximum allowable thermal shock for both the HEM 6 and HEM 9.


 Heat Transfer Co efficient (Btu/hr - ft2 - °F)Maximum
Cooling, with agitation40 - 50125°F
Cooling, without agitation20 - 30180°F
Heating, with agitation60 - 70105°F
Heating, without agitation40 - 50125°F


Immersion Heaters


Catalog ReferenceGHEM 6GHEM 9
Heat Transfer Areaft257
Water flow rate at 30 psig*gal./hr.357542
Operating Temperatures°F300°F max/min - above media's freezing point
Maximum Pressure in the coilpsig50

* through coils