Glass Block


This product has a minimum quantity of 1000

Glass Block

Physical Chemical Performance

Sound Reduction IndexThermal Transfer PropertiesCompression StrengthModulus of elasticityImpact test
Illuminant A:0.75 Illuminant D:0.7438dbThermal Conductivity=789w.m1k-1

Thermal Conductance =8.310w.m2k-1

Surface Conductance, hot side = 8.1382w.m2k-1

Surface Conductance, cold side=23.2693w.m2k-1 

Thermal Transmittance =3.4943w.m2k-1

Horizontal > 7.5N/mm Vertical = 78.5N/mmE = app 105000N/cmHigh of fall 
corresponding  to 

Specification and size of Glass block

1Linelite Pattern190 * 190 * 80mm190 * 190 * 95mm240 * 240 * 80mm
2Newwave Pattern   
3Oceanview Pattern   
4Littie Lattice Pattern   
5Oblique Line Pattern   
6Tangerine Skin Pattern   
7Checkers Pattern   
8Ice-flower Pattern   
9Bistar Pattern   
10Frost-bister Pattern   
11Warter Bubble Pattern   
12Phoenix Tail Pattern   
13Krystantic Pattern   
14Direct Transparance Pattern   
15Meteor Pattern   
16Sun Pattern   
17Frost-sun Pattern   
18Helios Pattern   
19Orient Pattern   
20Natutiles Pattern   

Packing Data in a 20ft container

Specification/ModelWeight(kg/pc)Pcs/CaseTotal Amout (pcs)
190 * 190 * 80mm/L-80192.368400
190 * 190 * 95mm/L-95192.867200
190 * 190 * 95mm/L-95193.565160