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Process Plants

The flow diagrams in this section represent a selection of process plants for which we have noted a particularly regular demand over a number of years. These plants are designed and, when required, installed and commissioned by our engineers.

Our experience with these processes in such that we have acquired a fund of process know-how which has enabled us to produce standard designs for which we can guarantee performance. The flow diagrams illustrate only one of the various possible arrangements used for the process described and we can modify or extend the plants to suit individual requirements.

Typical Units

This section consists of diagrams of a selection of typical process units which can be constructed from the components detailed in preceding sections. From the almost infinite variety of arrangements which can be built from our product range, we have selected those plants for which there is a particularly regular demand.

For clarity, we have simplified some of the drawings, omitting the supporting structures and couplings. For the same reason, the layout of the plants has been slightly re-arranged so as to show more clearly the component parts.

Our object in presenting the diagrams is to provide a guide for customers who may wish to design similar units. Our technical staff will be pleased to advise on modifications or extensions required to adapt an arrangement to particular requirements.

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