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Year Activity
1958 Establishment of the Company.
1960 The first Indian Company to manufacture Buttress Ends from 15 DN upto 150 DN for Pipeline Components.
1964 Started Manufacturing Coil Condensers fully in Glass which was a great achievement in Indian Glass Markets.
1968 Our Engineers started Designing, Fabrication and Installation of Turnkey Projects.
1973 Started Manufacturing PTFE (Teflon) Products.
1977 Our Engineers Designed and Fabricated  All Glass Centrifugal Pumps which has solved all the pumping problems for the industries
handling highly corrosive chemicals.
1980 Became one of the Pioneers in the Glass Industries.
1983 Exported our first shipment to Bangkok and entered the Global Market.
1986 Our Engineers successfully Designed and Fabricated  Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers fully in Glass for the first time in India.
1990 Started Fabricating Glass Components from 300 DN to 600 DN.
1995 Sucessfully developed Jacketed Vessels capacity 500ml upto 100lts for High Temperature Applications.
1997 Sucessfully developed New Technology to Manufacture Spherical Vessels from 100ml upto 300lts which was an unbeliveable dream in India.
2000 Gained International Recognition through regular exports.





1977 Gained First Place in Plantex - 77, an exhibition organised by the Indian Institution of Plant Engineers.
1995 Gained First Place in PharmaTech , an exhibition organised by the Cotex.
1998 Gained First Place in Defence Vendor Awareness Programme and SSI exhibition organised by the SISI and DIQA.









"GARG" Borosilicate Glass Plant Have Been Universally Accepted In The Chemical, Pharmaceutical And Allied Industries For Over 45 Years, Providing The User With The Material With An Unrivalled Combination Of Physical Properties Including High Operating Temperatures, Excellent Resistance To Thermal Shock And Almost Universal Corrosion Resistance. "GARG" Borosilicate Glass Equipment Also Prevents The Contamination Of Materials Being Processed And Allows Complete Visibility Of Operation, Which Is Especially Useful For Pilot Plant An Multi-Purpose Applications.

During This Time "GARG" Has Constantly Met The Ever Increasing Safety Requirements Of Industry, By Continual Product Development. As A Consequence, The Garg Range Of Borosilicate Glass Components Is Designed In Accordance With The Latest Standards. This Ensures That In Addition To A Material With All The Advantages Detailed Above, When Using Garg Borosilicate Glass Components, The User Has Equipment Designed To Meet The Latest And Most Rigorous Control Standards.

The Garg Safety Packages Not Only Covers The Design Of Borosilicate Glass Components, But The Total Safety Of Complete Plant Installation Incorporating Glass, Through Mechanical Design And Manufacturer, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operating And Plant Maintenance.



About Us

We feel pleasure to present ourselves as the First Indian Company to you for our skill full fabricated glass equipment’s to substitute the overseas brands.

The state of art of our factory is skill of mouth blowing technology offering consistent quality and finishing of our products. This offers the ease of replacement of any part of the glass unit, fabricated and erected by us.

In addition to our standard products, we entertain the custom buit product to meet the requirements of any design with special fabrication.








Board of Directors

Late Shri. H.L. Garg









Coil Rolling Process for Heat Exchangers

Coil Fusing after Rolling

img9.jpg (55424 bytes)
Neck Fabrication Process

Enhaling Process


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