We Are Specialized In The Manufacturing Of  Various Glass and  Other Requisites In The Field Of Scientific And Research Activities.
All The Glass Components Used In Manufacturing Are Exclusively From "Borosilicate Glass" Type 3.3.
Its Principle Features Are Almost Restrictive To Corrosion And Its Low Co-Efficient Of Thermal Expansion Is Allowing 
Great Thermal Shock.
The Skill Of Mouth Blowing Technology Is Offered By Us With The Use Of All Advanced Machinery Is Order To Offer The Uniform And Consistent Standard For Easy Replacement. We Are Well Equipped With At In House Manufacturing Facility To Produce All The Supporting Accessories And Fitting To A Glass Equipment.

In Addition To Standard Products Described In Our Catalogue, We Entertain The Custom Built Designs To Meet The Requirements Of Any Design With Special Fabrication.

"GARG" Borosilicate Glass Plant Have Been Universally Accepted In The Chemical, Pharmaceutical And Allied Industries For Over 45 Years, Providing The User With The Material With An Unrivalled Combination Of Physical Properties Including High Operating Temperatures, Excellent Resistance To Thermal Shock And Almost Universal Corrosion Resistance. "GARG" Borosilicate Glass Equipment Also Prevents The Contamination Of Materials Being Processed And Allows Complete Visibility Of Operation, Which Is Especially Useful For Pilot Plant An Multi-Purpose Applications.

During This Time "GARG" Has Constantly Met The Ever Increasing Safety Requirements Of Industry, By Continual Product Development. As A Consequence, The Garg Range Of Borosilicate Glass Components Is Designed In Accordance With The Latest Standards. This Ensures That In Addition To A Material With All The Advantages Detailed Above, When Using Garg Borosilicate Glass Components, The User Has Equipment Designed To Meet The Latest And Most Rigorous Control Standards.

The Garg Safety Packages Not Only Covers The Design Of Borosilicate Glass Components, But The Total Safety Of Complete Plant Installation Incorporating Glass, Through Mechanical Design And Manufacturer, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operating And Plant Maintenance.

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