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Sight glass is the only item which has nothing to do with glass pipelines. This is used to check inline flow of chemicals or liquids in horizontal as well as vertical installation. It is constructed to give full view from any angle to save time and energy. It is also made a multi-purpose to achieve high standards of economy. Since one sight glass can be used with MS/rubber/lead glasslined etc. It leads to less inventory.

One sight glass consists of a glass pipe section, one metal frame, one pair of teflon bush and washers.( Metal frame  can be made of MS/SS 304/SS 316)

Glass pipe section is made from borosilicate glass which is highly heat resistant and has low thermal expansion and excellent chemical durability. This pipe section is flared at both ends to increase its compressive strength as well as to ensure of leak proof fitting in metal frame.

Metal frame is of mild steel, zinc plated or resin powder coated, as desired, to eliminate the risk of corrosion. Both flanges of frame are welded with stud so that the stresses and vibrations of line, where it is to be fitted, would not transfer to glass pipe section. Its chuck nut system keeps the glass pipe section in compression and make it easy to replace the same.

Teflon bushes are provided on both the sides of glass pipe section in a way that flowing liquid/chemical would not be in contact with any metallic part of the sight glass. Further teflon washers are provided to use as gasket on both sides at the time of fitting.

Sight glasses can be supplied with the flanges frilled as per customers requirements. However as it is found that most of our clients using sight glasses demand ASA 150 table flanges. We use to keep ASA 150 table glasses ready in stock.



1" 152 14 174 4 16
1.5 " 152 14 174 4 16
2" 152 14 174 4 16
3" 152 14 174 4 16
4" 152 14 174 4 16
6" 152 14 174 4 16

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